Who Am I ?

As a child I didn’t come from a sporting family but I had a growing interest in sport. I was taller than the average child, not strong, but my height was a key factor in my initial sports, basketball, rugby and athletics. At school i represented the county in Javelin and High Hurdles and held many Decathlon records. At college I played on the basketball team for 4 years.

After my years at college, it all stopped. At the age of 16 -20 I got a job as an apprentice engineer, with unsupportive, non sporty parents, I let it all go.

18 years later, with my first child in primary school, I started to coach basketball again. Over the next 8 years and after 3 more children the coaching continued and developed into my involvement at a local athletics club in Yate. This became the start of “Lodge Sports Coaching”.

With a main focus on Athletics i began to coach children,i grew in confidence and ability and the passion began. I was fortunate, to be inspired by a young disabled girl who ran the 100m and came last, that was the start of my Disability link to British Athletics.

My athletics groups grew, from small to large groups. My children grew into athletes and coaches all of which can Run, Jump and throw and i now support fully in whichever sport they do.

During the last 4 yrs, through my passion of coaching athletics i have become a recognised coach. I have been asked to coach for British Athletics Talent Identification days and at some World Class Competitions.

2014 Invictus Games, London, British Throws Coach.

2015 CP World Games, Nottingham, England Track & Field Coach.

2016 Invictus Games, Florida, British Throws Coach.

2018 Invictus Games, UK, Wheelchair Racing Coach.

2019 Invictus Games, UK, Throws Coach.

So where am i now, currently all my Athletics groups of young Athletes are growing, more of the athletes are achieving new PB’s season after season and growing in confidence themselves. Personal Coaching with training programs are growing and i am beginning to work with more NGB’s and their athletes on performance development.

See you on the track !!

Mark Lodge