We need to talk ?


“We need to talk”

Yes that’s what she said, actually her name was Caroline Buckle she was a classifier for British athletics and was at the Bath Track working that day.

So After the day of sprint coaching for British athletics Parallel Success for the day i tracked down this lady and we sat and had a chat. Unknowingly to me Caroline had been watch me throughout the day do what i do best, coach. She said she had been impressed by what she saw and liked what i did and would i like to be part of the England Team for the CP world games in Nottingham. Of coarse i would, why wouldn’t any coach. Caroline was head coach for the athletics team.

So off we go to Nottingham. What a fantastic team we have from old to young, Male and female all with Cerebral Palsy (CP). Hence the CP world games. So there was lots of different sports but i was coaching the athletics side of things. We had a few days to coach before the competition and we were at the Harvey Haden Centre in Nottingham which had just had £16 million spent on a refurb, really nice place. So we coached lots of athletes and had a good laugh on the way, i challenged Morris Fox to a discus competition, hes a thrower by the way and a lovely guy, well we got the field judges involved and Morris threw about 35/40m and then walked out the circle, i  threw 10m and won the comp, how you may say, well Morris walked out the front of the circle and got DQ’d so i was happy. Now the team found this hilarious and we had banter all day and as you can imagine the rest of the week. So the games began and the team performed brilliantly, they remembered everything, brilliant to part of the team.

What do i remember the most! Well 2 days before the track events i was given the task to help choose the relay teams and train them, great 2 men’s teams and 1 ladies team. Now if you know a little about relay you will know it makes it a little easier if you exchange the baton from left hand to right hand to left to right, great my fastest ladies could only do Left hand to left hand to left to left, hmmmmm a little tricky but we can do it. All the athletes listened well and practised, both men’s teams looked good and the ladies couldn’t quite get the baton exchange right without dropping it, OOOOPS have i made a mistake, well to late day of the race. Off they go men’s a”A” team, first exchange drop the baton into the Irish teams lane, wait, I’ve taught them this, pick it no infringement and run so they did and so did the Men’s “B” team. The girls were flying, but i couldn’t watch, yeh i did, Kadeena Cox to bring home the baton.That’s my favourite moment of the games. oh you want to know the results.

Mens “A” team, you know the ones that dropped the baton took Gold, Men’s “B” team took silver, and the ladies they took gold with a new English record. Where there a will there’s a way. So another week of memories created and more friends made

There is one thing to add to this,I’ve never seen a man work so hard. I invited Tim Button of Cleve Chiropractic to be the Chiro, Physio for this event and he came with the team.As he was on his own, he had his work cut out, for all the athletes who basically loved Tim and cued outside his door, then the swimming team found too. I take my hat off to Tim he didn’t stop and he treated everyone, a valued member of the England Team. Thanks Tim.



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