One to One Coaching

One on One Coaching.

Mark Lodge has developed his professional coaching career over the years, whilst working with athletes of all ages and abilities. The experience and coaching knowledge Mark has gained, has enabled him to not only work with various community Athletic Clubs, but also District, County and British Athletics. Mark has also built up his own clubs and off the back of this he began to offer a personalised service, “one on one” coaching sessions.

As athletes progress they may have busy schedules involving both sport and academic commitments. In order to make training work for them, Mark can create a flexible and personalised training plan. This is where the “one on one” approach is readily helpful as it is easily adaptable.

Mark works on the principle of helping athletes to actually understand what they are trying to achieve and what is needed to move towards being a better all round athlete. He helps the athlete to learn and understand more about the technical aspects of running, for example the strength, power, race pace, timing etc. Resulting in their training becoming more specific and an efficient programme of development can then be put in place.