Some Great News

This is great news for the adults. As you may know that a few weeks ago someone decided to make it difficult for lodge Sports to allow adults to run on the track with the juniors. Well we have been Talking to / in negotiation with, the New Manager of YOSC and we have come to an arrangement. The adults can get back on the track on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays only, at the same time as the juniors. This is great news all round…………..So as of Tuesday 24th April adults are back on the track.

As a little bit of additional information you may or may not be aware, as of the 9th July the track at YOSC closes for refurbishment and re opens on the 1st October, should be a fantastic new track and additional facilities. We are in the process of looking at options for the Lodge Sports sessions and will keep you up to date.



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