So where did it Begin !


Well at school i was a pretty good hurdler, javelin thrower, long jumper etc so yep a multi event athlete. Competed at county level and that was the end when i left school no support from parents got a job athletics over, or was it !

About 20 yrs later one of my children was diagnosed with ADHD, Asperger’s, and Dyslexia, so yep we got him into sport, but watching from the sidelines as a dad you could see within the team sports, they just didn’t get him and that was sad. So off to another sport that i had enjoyed as a child Athletics..There he began to shine, high jump, yep he’s tall, run, yep he’s got long legs, accepted yes he was….fabulous. However that’s when my passion began all over again.

I watched a girls 100m race at a local club event and i saw a girls run the 100m, limp the whole way, come last and have a big smile on her face. She had on her feet a pair of Nike trainers with one heel far bigger than the other, she had an issue but finished the race. Light bulb moment for me ” that’s the kind of people i would love to work with” and so it began my journey from that day to becoming a, Wheelchair Racing coach for British athletics (still am today), Talent ID coach, Invictus Games coach, CP World Games coach, Team GB Target Sprint coach, coaching some of the fastest disabled athletes in the UK. Through to having some of the largest fully inclusive athletics clubs in the South West. Each one of the above has its own story to tell. And they are to come.


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