Lodge Sports Training Update

“Well what fun we had in the snow”.

Now that the snow is gone and the track is open all our sessions are back on the usual times 6-7 pm Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Friday and a Saturday morning 10-11 am.

The only change that you may have heard about, or not, is that i no longer coach for Yate Ac Tuesdays & Thursdays 7-8:30 pm as after 10 yrs i have been asked to leave, not through choice.

For all further updates keep an eye on our website www.lodgesports.co.uk  or follow us on facebook  @lodgesports


From Dad to GB Sprint Coach



Hi all

I’ve always fancied writing a blog and now a good friend has made that possible on our web site, so over the next few weeks i will tell you the stories of how it all started for me, the journey, behind the scenes at Invictus,CP world Games,  the heartache of athletes, through to the politics of athletics and Clubs. I know you will like it as it, will make some of you smile and some of you cry.

Would you like to compete as an athlete

Hi All

We sent out a news letter a week ago about getting ready for this years athletics competitions and being a member of a local club. We have had a couple of parents ask us whats it all about as their children have never competed before.Its an easy answer, so may i suggest that if you, or your children would like to know more,feel free to grab me after a session at the track or please email me directly and i can explain to you.

Chat soon

Mark lodge


Hello All,

What a fantastic start to 2018 for Lodge Sports!  To continue the momentum moving forward we just wanted to remind our members that if they wish, they could compete for an Affiliated Athletics Club, if you dont already.

With open events and competitions coming up, as we coach athletes from different clubs in the area, we thought it would helpful to provide some links of some local clubs which you may want to join, to compete in athletics events. Remember to Google/Bing search for other local clubs which are not listed here. Dont forget affiliation starts at U13, U11 dont need to be affiliated to compete.





I should point out, in the interest of full disclosure,  South Glos AC is a new club which I am an Ambassador for.  But there are plenty of clubs to join.

Check out the opportunities before you register/move to make sure the club fits your personal requirements.


If you wish to move from an existing club to another, you can via this link: https://livemyathletics.uka.org.uk/ManageMyClub/Home/HubPage?destination=Members. Please note there is a process and guidelines for this and any athlete should speak to their parent/guardian before hand.

We hope you find this of interest, and look forward to seeing you on the track/field!



Mark lodge

www.lodgesports.co.uk or follow us on facebook

Half Term Indoor Athletics Camps

Hi all Just to let you know we have a few spaces left on this weeks indoor athletics camps if you need something for your budding young athletes to do.

Wednesday and Thursday 9-5 pm and its indoors at Brimsham Green School Sports Hall.

email me for more details if you need them


Newsletter Apology

Dear members, our flagship newsletter, which was emailed yesterday, seemed to have a mixed up list where duplicate Email addresses became out of sync with Athlete Names.  We are incredibly sorry for this.  We can confirm this has now been rectified with a newly built list.

If you unsubscribed from our emails, but you again have received this, it is with our sincere apologies you have received another.  Of course we would love you to remain as subscribers but if you do wish to unsubscribe it should not be reversed.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please do get in touch via our website, or at one of our sessions. Alternatively you can email Mark (mark@lodgesports.co.uk),

New Affiliated Athletics Club

Hi All

As some of you were aware that for some time I have been thinking about setting a new club, one local to the area that athletes can get more opportunities to compete. Phil Lucker and myself have taken the past year or so to set up South Glos AC. A club that can provide all members competitive opportunities on the track, road and cross country, wearing the same vest!

What does this mean to you and the coaching you have from either Running Revolutions or Lodge Sports? Absolutely nothing, you just have an extra club to choose from, coaching will still be provided as before, no matter which club you choose to join or not to join.

We at Lodge Sports dedicated to developing the sport especially for the juniors of South Glos and although intend to promote junior development we can accept senior membership. But it is the ability we now have to provide the more local options that excites us and we hope you guys are supportive of this move.

If you would like to know more detail about joining  South Glos AC please contact me and I will let you know. If you are happy to stay members of your current club then we are all still happy to provide the coaching, and after all, this is the most important part!!!

On behalf of Lodge Sports, thank you for reading this and we look forward in seeing you all soon.

Many thanks

In Need for Speed

If you are an athlete, of any kind (Football, Rugby, Hockey etc), and would like to work on your speed, or just starting out, you are welcome to join our growing group on Fridays 6pm – 7pm.

One to One Coaching

One on One Coaching.

Mark Lodge has developed his professional coaching career over the years, whilst working with athletes of all ages and abilities. The experience and coaching knowledge Mark has gained, has enabled him to not only work with various community Athletic Clubs, but also District, County and British Athletics. Mark has also built up his own clubs and off the back of this he began to offer a personalised service, “one on one” coaching sessions.

As athletes progress they may have busy schedules involving both sport and academic commitments. In order to make training work for them, Mark can create a flexible and personalised training plan. This is where the “one on one” approach is readily helpful as it is easily adaptable.

Mark works on the principle of helping athletes to actually understand what they are trying to achieve and what is needed to move towards being a better all round athlete. He helps the athlete to learn and understand more about the technical aspects of running, for example the strength, power, race pace, timing etc. Resulting in their training becoming more specific and an efficient programme of development can then be put in place.