More Great achievements

More Great Achievements

What does it mean to set goals and put the work in to aim achieve them?

It means a lot to the individual athletes that do this. This month has seen a few more athletes achieve some goals that they set earlier in the year.

Tom Stamp worked so hard to improve his technique and flexibility a few areas that he knew needed to be improved. Working with his coach and Chiropractor to do this enabled Tom to win 2 Silver medals in the 100m & 200m at the CP World Games in Barcelona earlier this month, what and achievement for Him.

Willa Gibb was able to get her head around Strength & Conditioning this year, as well as her hurdling technique.This enables her to get into the final at English schools and the final at the U15 – U17 National Champs in Bedford last weekend. These were the goals we set last year.

Coming to the end of this season, whats your goal for next year ?.

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