Lodge Sports Petition


Lodge Sports Petition
As some of you are aware, through political madness, (as i call it), YOSC management have decided to not continue any of my bookings on the YOSC track from Oct when the track re opens. They have decided to book all of our sessions to somebody else without discussion or offering suitable alternatives for us. Rest assured we are not taking this lightly and are seeking answers. We currently have over 800 young athletes registered with, many are already disappointed in the YOSC Management decision. However we are, and have currently put other training venues in place (see our web site www.lodgesports.co.uk).
We currently have a petition running at the track for all disgruntled parents and athletes. We understand that not all parents are regular users and with the track closure on the 9th July you may not have a chance to sign the petition. Therefore we have put a copy on line for you to see. if you would like your name added to the petition please feel free to respond to this message with your name and postcode and i will add this to the petition.

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