Half Term Athletics Camps


Half Term Athletics Camps                         

With half term approaching, as many of you know Lodge Sports have been running successful and fun athletics camps for the 5 Years if not a bit longer. So we now have the dates for this years Camps. They are Thursday May 31st May & Friday 1st June. Over the years that we have been running these camps as we all know the weather is for ever unpredictable and we have had some very wet half terms. So this year we have booked indoors at Brimsham Green School, right by YOSC, where we will be following a Octathlon format and even fitting in the odd game or two of Dodgeball (that we know all kids love) as recovery of coarse. The Octathlon covers the Run, Jump, Throw elements of athletics. We ran the last half term camp indoors and everyone that came really enjoyed it.

To ensure the the Camps run please book in early as we always have some late comers, this could mean the difference between the camps running or not. Booking forms need to be in by Thursday 24th May.

If you click on the link below this will give you a booking form that you can download and print.

“” Click Here for Half Term Booking Form “”

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