Good Coach….Bad Coach


So you choose a sport that your children like and off you go to a club, and there before you are lots of coaches waiting to help, or are they?

So let me tell you why i talk about this, over the last 2 months i  have had 2 athletes come to me from outside the area that, both went to different athletics clubs. Nice athletes, great to coach, not outstanding at what they do, but both with a great attitude to work. So what went wrong? i just listened to what they had to say.

So over the last 2 months both of these athletes have chatted to me and told me what led to their departure from the clubs they were in, and that’s what gets me a little sad. One left the club because they fell out with one coach over personal issues. That coach was friends with the head coach who decided to virtually dis own the athlete into, not coaching them or “do what you want” coaching technique, after 8 yrs at the club. Athlete No2 came from another club and joined when they were young, at the age of 13,  was not treated at all nicely by a coach, to the point where they couldn’t stay at the Club,made to feel they were not any good, killed their  self confidence. This athlete stayed away from athletics, something they loved for 2 yrs.

So i now coach both athletes and they both have so much to give to this sport, and they have found their love for athletics again. So what did i do? Nothing more than i usually do for any athlete.I have fun, teach them skills, improve technique and most of all build confidence in their own ability. Isn’t that what all coaches do, obviously not. The problem is, this is only 2 of how many?, i don’t know, but lets not steal the dreams of our young athletes. What advice can i give, well the top 2 words on my list would be “Fun” and ” Enjoyment”, both make learning so much easier.

The question is “how did they get to know about me”  ?

Thanks for reading.

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