Disability Coaching

Mark was originally inspired to work with disabled athletes when he watched a girl with displaced hips, compete in an able bodied 100m race. She limped the majority of the way and finished in last position, but with a big smile on her face.

Since then, Mark and his coaching team have worked with athletes who have a variety of disabilties including, Visual and Hearing impairments, Cerebral Palsy, Amputees, etc. The love of working with people with a disability has enabled Mark to be a Wheelchair Racing & Spint coach with British Athletics Parallel Success Team, be on the England Team for the CP world Games and a Invictus Games coach in both London and Florida.

Mark develops athletes where possible to be fully included within a main stream athletics group, running and throwing with able bodied athletes. He is always available for the concerned parent to talk to, to find the best way of helping each individual. We also have access to throwing frames for people who are seated throwers.

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Beth Tucker T37                            Nils Rehm T47                             Tom Stamp T35

These are a few of the athletes we work with.