Circuits – Strength & Conditioning

What you do off the track, is as important as, what you do on the track ! Strength and conditioning is the physical development of athletes for sport performance. The role of strength and conditioning is to use exercise specifically to improve performance in athletic competition. Strength & Conditioning is an absolute must for an athlete that is looking to develop within any sport. This can be done in a variety of ways, but it needs to be consistant. Top athletes have weekly Strength & Conditioning sessions.

 Indoor Circuits – Strength and Conditioning Sessions.

Aimed at improving performance for athletes of all abilities we are pleased to announce  indoor permanent Circuit – Strength & Conditioning sessions

Thursday nights ………. Brimsham Green School Sports Hall

Sessions are open to athletes ( and parents ) from the age of 10 yrs of age and will be coached appropriately. We are aiming to build the strength in everyone that will be beneficial in their chosen sport