One to One Coaching

One on One Coaching.

Mark Lodge has developed his professional coaching career over the years, whilst working with athletes of all ages and abilities. The experience and coaching knowledge Mark has gained, has enabled him to not only work with various community Athletic Clubs, but also District, County and British Athletics. Mark has also built up his own clubs and off the back of this he began to offer a personalised service, “one on one” coaching sessions.

As athletes progress they may have busy schedules involving both sport and academic commitments. In order to make training work for them, Mark can create a flexible and personalised training plan. This is where the “one on one” approach is readily helpful as it is easily adaptable.

Mark works on the principle of helping athletes to actually understand what they are trying to achieve and what is needed to move towards being a better all round athlete. He helps the athlete to learn and understand more about the technical aspects of running, for example the strength, power, race pace, timing etc. Resulting in their training becoming more specific and an efficient programme of development can then be put in place.

Our Club Sessions

Lodge Sports Athletics Clubs …. for all ages – 6 yrs +

As Winter and the wet weather is approaching we have Indoor & Outdoor floodlit facilities available.

  • Tuesday       6 – 7 pm – Athletic Key Fundamentals & development  –  ( Indoors & Outdoors )
  • Wednesday  6 – 7 pm – Athletic Key Fundamentals & development  –  ( Indoors & Outdoors )
  • Thursday      6 – 7 pm – Athletic Key Fundamentals & development  –  ( Indoors & Outdoors ) 
  • Thursday      7 – 8 pm – Athlete & Parents – Strength & Conditioning –  ( Indoors )
  • Saturday    10 – 11 am – Athletic Track training & Technical               –  ( Outdoors )                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
  • We also have access to more track sessions for the more developed athlete but these are at the discretion of your head coaches. 
  • Tuesday – Wednesday – Thursday – Sessions                                                                                                               
  •  Brimsham Green School  –  ( BS37 7LB  –  Park in gravel car park at rear of school, head for Sports Hall )
  • Saturday – Session         
  • SGS College – ( BS34 8LP – Park in Pay & Display car park at front of college )

The Flexible approach to training for athletes and Parents.

We host some of the fastest growing and largest Athletics Clubs in the South West. We have obviously got something right when it comes to clubs and athlete development.                                                                                                                                    We are all busy people, especially parents that take their children to clubs. So we have made our sessions flexible to help and it works really well. If you want to bring your child on a set day or more than one, then that’s great, but if you want the flexibility of bringing your children on different days each week to suit work patterns etc., then you can.

Why it works: **Getting the fundamentals right is key**

We have 5 sessions per week, on different days, that many athletes come and gain great athletic knowledge and skills whilst having lots of fun. The sessions are run by qualified coaches who coach the athletes, the basics of movement, techniques and skills to build a great foundation for the athlete’s development for the future.

All athletes are coached in their own age appropriate groups, so that they feel welcome and able to develop at the right level. During weekly sessions, as skills and techniques improve the coaches will feedback individuals performances to head coach Mark Lodge. Parents are always welcome to ask questions.

As the athletes develop further, there are more challenging sessions that are also available.

How it works:

We train at the locations listed above.  We meet just before the session starts in the Fitness suite / Sports hall or on the Track depending on which session you choose. You don’t need to pre book, just come on down, register pay (£3.00) and join in.

Please ensure the athletes are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions and bring water bottles with them.

Something for the parents:

We understand that parents may want to do a little exercise so, we also have a Strength & Conditioning session that the parents can come to with their athletes or just on their own. We realise that its not just about running but again putting some key fundamental strength training in can really help. Check out our other pages for more details. 

Disability Coaching

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Disability Coaching

Mark was originally inspired to work with disabled athletes when he watched a girl with displaced hips, compete in an able bodied 100m race. She limped the majority of the way and finished in last position, but with a big smile on her face.

Since then, Mark and his coaching team have worked with athletes who have a variety of disabilties including, Visual and Hearing impairments, Cerebral Palsy, Amputees, etc. The love of working with people with a disability has enabled Mark to be a Wheelchair Racing & Spint coach with British Athletics Parallel Success Team, be on the England Team for the CP world Games and a Invictus Games coach for all games  London, Florida, Toronto and now Australia.

Mark developes athletes where possible to be fully included within a main stream athletics group, running and throwing with able bodied athletes. He is always available for the concerned parent to talk to, to find the best way of helping each individual.

To keep up with the latest information follow us on Facebook @lodgesports