its about the athletes right!


Before i tell you how wheelchair racing led me to meet Prince Harry and take me around the world, let bring you a little up to date.

Things are never quite as straight forward as you think. Over the last 6 months or so its been a trying time for my family and i. I with a fellow coach decided to put in place a new Affiliated athletics Club purely to give more competitive opportunities for the athletes. Well, did i think it would work alongside the local clubs, yes i did and i still do. So whats happened ?. Well it seems, because of “Potential Conflict” i am no longer able to coach for the Local club after 10 yrs of volunteering Tuesdays and Thursdays so i have been asked to leave. Ok “i get it”…no i don’t !. Its all about the athletes isn’t it ? well this is the sad bit, actually really sad bit. When you have athletes that you have coached for years look at you and say “well if your not here we wont be back” not just 1 but 2 and 3 and then parents that aren’t happy. You begin to realise its not just about the Club, or just the athlete its the relationships you build, the confidence you help grow the belief you give the young athletes and most of all its their belief in you.

Now this is where we are at the moment in a bit of a turmoil state, lots of changes, different things to come. But i have had to rethink a little and ask myself why do i do what i do. The answer is “”read the last blog”” and see where it started for me. The girl with the issue !!! well we all have issues, my role as coach, is to help athletes overcome theirs, run, jump, throw, confidence or belief etc that,s what i do best.

See you on the track, chat if you like, run if you like, moral is #just run faster


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