More Great achievements

More Great Achievements

What does it mean to set goals and put the work in to aim achieve them?

It means a lot to the individual athletes that do this. This month has seen a few more athletes achieve some goals that they set earlier in the year.

Tom Stamp worked so hard to improve his technique and flexibility a few areas that he knew needed to be improved. Working with his coach and Chiropractor to do this enabled Tom to win 2 Silver medals in the 100m & 200m at the CP World Games in Barcelona earlier this month, what and achievement for Him.

Willa Gibb was able to get her head around Strength & Conditioning this year, as well as her hurdling technique.This enables her to get into the final at English schools and the final at the U15 – U17 National Champs in Bedford last weekend. These were the goals we set last year.

Coming to the end of this season, whats your goal for next year ?.

Summer Break

Summer Break.

With so many people on and off holidays including the coaches we have decided to have a summer break from a few sessions.

So Tuesday & Thursday strength and conditioning sessions 7:15 – 8:15 pm we are not running until September when everyone is back.

Wednesday 6-7 pm this to we are having a break from until September.

So have a great summer break, if you still want to train Tuesdays, Thursdays 6 – 7 pm and Saturdays 10 – 11 am are still going strong.



Injury Free….Not today!

Injury Free …..Not today!

Over the period of about 10 yrs or so I have coached many people, seen many people being coached and just been around some good high profile events watching whats going on. Yep I’m still learning too.I spent many weeks with my mentor, Rob Ellchuk in Bath who I consider a great coach and a fountain of information, just watching and learning, asking question, and I still ask him questions now, and run scenarios past him.

Why do i do this ? I coach young athletes and the last thing I want to do is injure an athlete through coaching and loose them from the sport. As many people know I have developed a standard set of drills, that over the years have been the start of many sessions without injury. (when done properly). When I see a new exercise / drill being carried out by other people, I look at this and think, useful, usable, yes/no as I did recently at The Muller Anniversary Games with the French and GB team. So I tried this with a couple of my athletes, asked for feedback, was there a benefit and made a decision.

The reason I write about this is because today I had news from a friend that their child had picked up an injury from a session with a new coach. We discussed the things that were done during the session and I just don’t get it. I’ve never seen this exercise performed anywhere in my athletic career from any level of athlete, and cant link it to running. So I asked my fountain of Knowledge, Rob. Very interesting reply, 4 words that just summed it up. Not Good. So its a sad time for this young athlete, foot up, iced, resting.

Whats the moral of the story?, for me. I know what level my coaching is at, I do and will keep questioning what I do during sessions, I will keep asking questions to my mentor, I will continue to make my sessions fun. It will always beĀ  “” All about the athlete “”