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New Data Protection

Hello to all athletes and Parents.

As you are aware that the new data protection regulations (GDPR) come into place on Friday 25th May, to replace the current Data Protection act. This does effect how Lodge Sports Coaching limited hold and use your information.

Therefore if you still wish to recieve communication from Lodge Sports Coaching ltd, wether that be competitions, news, info or Blogs you will need to follow the instructions on the email that you will recieve on tuesday night.

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Open Competition

Open Competition


Hi all just to let you all know that there is a great open Competition for athletes age 9 yrs and up on Wednesday 23rd may at YOSC. Details are below.

its a great way to get competition experience.

Yes there is training 6-7pm as per usual if you dont want to compete.

Half Term Athletics Camps


Half Term Athletics Camps                         

With half term approaching, as many of you know Lodge Sports have been running successful and fun athletics camps for the 5 Years if not a bit longer. So we now have the dates for this years Camps. They are Thursday May 31st May & Friday 1st June. Over the years that we have been running these camps as we all know the weather is for ever unpredictable and we have had some very wet half terms. So this year we have booked indoors at Brimsham Green School, right by YOSC, where we will be following a Octathlon format and even fitting in the odd game or two of Dodgeball (that we know all kids love) as recovery of coarse. The Octathlon covers the Run, Jump, Throw elements of athletics. We ran the last half term camp indoors and everyone that came really enjoyed it.

To ensure the the Camps run please book in early as we always have some late comers, this could mean the difference between the camps running or not. Booking forms need to be in by Thursday 24th May.

If you click on the link below this will give you a booking form that you can download and print.

“” Click Here for Half Term Booking Form “”

The Reason I Coach



The Reason I Coach

Today was that day. I spent a good part of the day at the Brewers Games in Cheltenham supporting athletes that I coach, some belong to clubs and some don’t. It was great to see so many young athletes enjoying the sunshine although a little hot. So today, a young athlete  came to the games to compete for the first time in 2 years on the track, I can honestly say I have never seen anyone so nervous before a race. So we sat and chatted did a few drills and got ready for the race and still so very nervous. That’s what we do as a coach, different athletes require different levels of coaching at different times.

So on your marks, get set, stand up please, yep my athlete was moving on the line, lets try again, on your marks, get set, stand up please, yep same athlete not stable on the line (nervous). Third time lucky, on your marks, get set, bang yes we are off. Finished the race in second and this is where it gets good. Now the young athlete is smiling, cant believe they finished the race, good time as well. So I watch an athlete turn from a quivering nervous wreck into a young athlete with belief in their own ability. I then turn to their mum who has got the biggest smile on their face because of what they had just watched. If i’m honest that’s why i coach, its not just about the technical or skills we help athletes with, but when you can assist them mentally as well that’s where it really counts.

When i got home i had a great email from the athlete that just summed up how they felt. If you think this is pretty normal, the bit i haven’t told you is, where and what the athlete has come from and been threw over the last few years and that’s what makes is great…

Anyway lots of New PB’s today..

Competition Reminder


Competition reminder

Hope all is well with all our young athletes, just thought i would let you know about a couple of competitions that if your interested you may like to enter, as the deadline for entry is very soon.

Competition No1 – Bank Holiday Monday 7th – Brewers Games – Prince of Wales stadium, Cheltenham. If your looking for a good day at the races, that’s athletics, then this is a good one for all ages. You can enter on the day (you have to pay) but check out the website for all the info before you travel to check on events and timetable. You can find the info needed at

Competition No2 – Saturday 12th May – Avon County Championships – Yate Outdoor Sports Complex. You only have until Midnight on the 5th of May to enter this one but its local and a good competition. Check out the details and info needed, Click on  Avon County Championships.

Hope to see you there.