Invictus Games – They must have missed me !!


Just to lighten the mood when things can seem so gloomy. I had a phone call today from British Athletics asking if i was available to train some athletes at the trials for the Invictus Games who were potentially going to Australia. Ha Ha that’s where it all started last time, So obviously I accepted the challenge, then they ask my availability for 3 more dates to train some athletes at the Invictus trials. Well i’m checking my diary to see if it fits, i’m sure it will.

This was a lovely reminder today for me to realise why, i do what i do and what i am actually able to offer as a coach. To be recognised by British Athletics as someone who can train athletes at a high level is a privilege, so “”thanks”” to British Athletics and this is what makes it great for all our young athletes that I and my team work with. To be able to bring this experience and knowledge back to help develop YOUR young athletes is a real pleasure for me. So coaching for the Invictus trials….here we go again. Maybe a meeting with Harry……again .

Feedback Please

Hi All

I’ve been asked this question a couple of times and its also come up in a recent meeting that i have had and i would love to get some general feedback please either verbally, facebook or by email or i will have a form on the desk this week too,

The question is, “” do we have an earlier coaching session for athletics before 6 pm”” ?. So whilst talking to some parents, not only about the younger athletes but about the older ones as well with exams coming up it was mentioned about doing a coaching session earlier than 6 pm as most schools finish 3 -3:30  pm, give people time to get there, train for an hour and then go home so that the rest of the night is their own. As parents are already out on school pickups how many would be interested.

So the feedback i would like please from as many people as possible is, who would possibly be interested and at what time ?.

So lets give you some options in half hour time slots. (4 – 5 pm), (4:30 – 5:30 pm), (5 – 6 pm), (5:30 – 6:30 pm), (5:45 – 6:45 pm) i know the last one isn’t a half hour gap but it could be an option..

Many thanks for any feedback given it could be use full to know the flexibility of you all.

many thanks




Competition Time

Before you read on, Training is on as normal on Wednesday 25th, we should be on the astro.

Just a reminder that this Wednesday evening 25th April at Yate Outdoor Sports Complex starting at 6:30 pm ( but you need to register 40 min before your first event) is a great open event for lots of athletes. If you would love your young athlete to have a go at competing then this could be for you. Check out the details below to see if the age and events fit. Best of luck for the events you choose.

Some Great News

This is great news for the adults. As you may know that a few weeks ago someone decided to make it difficult for lodge Sports to allow adults to run on the track with the juniors. Well we have been Talking to / in negotiation with, the New Manager of YOSC and we have come to an arrangement. The adults can get back on the track on Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays only, at the same time as the juniors. This is great news all round…………..So as of Tuesday 24th April adults are back on the track.

As a little bit of additional information you may or may not be aware, as of the 9th July the track at YOSC closes for refurbishment and re opens on the 1st October, should be a fantastic new track and additional facilities. We are in the process of looking at options for the Lodge Sports sessions and will keep you up to date.



Circuits – S & C


Circuits – Strength & Conditioning


What you do off the track, is as important as, what you do on the track !


Some fantastic news, we at Lodge Sports recognise how important it is to develop a level of strength to progress in your chosen event or sport or just to keep fit. We have put in place 2 weekly sessions in Yate that will be a great foundation for building strength within all athletes.

We are also pleased to announce that, parents are also welcome should they wish to improve the strength through circuit sessions.


For more information check out our ” Circuit – S & C “ page on our website.

“” Oh NO ” for all adults at YOSC.



“Oh NO ” not more challenges for Lodge Sports. I’m sorry to have to say that under the new management guidelines and the new YOSC pricing structure i have been forced to make a few changes.

For many years of Lodge Sports hiring the athletics track, i have seen many parents sit in the stands and do nothing whilst their children run and develop. Well as many of you know i have always encouraged the parent to “” Do Something” and this was one of the things i encouraged, and over the years we have had a few parents run/walk around the track in lane 1 that i kept free for them. Lately this progressed into a small circuit session as well, that encouraged the parents to “” do something””.We have also recently had a dad come to throw Javelin again who use to train with Steve Backley how inspirational is that for the children. That’s how i see it inspirational for the children to see their parents on the track and happy.

The hire charge for the track was for juniors and that’s what the clubs were, ok so a hand full of parents ran/walked around the inside lane and many of them we didn’t charge, that’s good right, well lets tell you whats changed.

As from the 1st of April because Lodge Sports is classed as a commercial operation my charge for the track is to double, if i were NOT classed as commercial then my charges for the track for the hour would have increased by £1. Hmmmm that’s the first bit now for the parents. If i allow parents on the track during a junior session then my charge will be quadrupled eg £57 or £66 for the hour. So with just a hand full of parents that use the track i’m afraid that YOSC will no longer let adults onto the junior session unless i pay the adult prices, this makes it very difficult for me as many i don’t charge and still don’t intend to charge. It was my way of giving something back to those parents that bring their children week after week, Therefore, those adults will now have to stop running and stop inspiring their children, as for the Javelin thrower i’m sorry you cant inspire the children either, and as for the young 28yr old that comes on her own on a Friday night trying to get into the fire brigade but trying to improve her running, I’M SORRY but you cant come either as i would need to charge you £50 for the hour and i wont do that.

Whats the answer, well i’m trying to talk to to the management but they seem to be set in their new ways at the moment but i will keep you up to date with any developments. As for how i feel, don’t ask many of you know me and i am frustrated (and that’s polite) that this is happening after so many years of building, “” i wonder whats changed””

If anyone has any answers i’m up for listening.