More Great achievements

More Great Achievements

What does it mean to set goals and put the work in to aim achieve them?

It means a lot to the individual athletes that do this. This month has seen a few more athletes achieve some goals that they set earlier in the year.

Tom Stamp worked so hard to improve his technique and flexibility a few areas that he knew needed to be improved. Working with his coach and Chiropractor to do this enabled Tom to win 2 Silver medals in the 100m & 200m at the CP World Games in Barcelona earlier this month, what and achievement for Him.

Willa Gibb was able to get her head around Strength & Conditioning this year, as well as her hurdling technique.This enables her to get into the final at English schools and the final at the U15 – U17 National Champs in Bedford last weekend. These were the goals we set last year.

Coming to the end of this season, whats your goal for next year ?.

Summer Break

Summer Break.

With so many people on and off holidays including the coaches we have decided to have a summer break from a few sessions.

So Tuesday & Thursday strength and conditioning sessions 7:15 – 8:15 pm we are not running until September when everyone is back.

Wednesday 6-7 pm this to we are having a break from until September.

So have a great summer break, if you still want to train Tuesdays, Thursdays 6 – 7 pm and Saturdays 10 – 11 am are still going strong.



Injury Free….Not today!

Injury Free …..Not today!

Over the period of about 10 yrs or so I have coached many people, seen many people being coached and just been around some good high profile events watching whats going on. Yep I’m still learning too.I spent many weeks with my mentor, Rob Ellchuk in Bath who I consider a great coach and a fountain of information, just watching and learning, asking question, and I still ask him questions now, and run scenarios past him.

Why do i do this ? I coach young athletes and the last thing I want to do is injure an athlete through coaching and loose them from the sport. As many people know I have developed a standard set of drills, that over the years have been the start of many sessions without injury. (when done properly). When I see a new exercise / drill being carried out by other people, I look at this and think, useful, usable, yes/no as I did recently at The Muller Anniversary Games with the French and GB team. So I tried this with a couple of my athletes, asked for feedback, was there a benefit and made a decision.

The reason I write about this is because today I had news from a friend that their child had picked up an injury from a session with a new coach. We discussed the things that were done during the session and I just don’t get it. I’ve never seen this exercise performed anywhere in my athletic career from any level of athlete, and cant link it to running. So I asked my fountain of Knowledge, Rob. Very interesting reply, 4 words that just summed it up. Not Good. So its a sad time for this young athlete, foot up, iced, resting.

Whats the moral of the story?, for me. I know what level my coaching is at, I do and will keep questioning what I do during sessions, I will keep asking questions to my mentor, I will continue to make my sessions fun. It will always be  “” All about the athlete “”


Summer Training Continues

Just thought i would give you an update as I have had a couple of emails asking if we are still training during the summer.

So for us nothing changes during the summer we continue to run all our sessions , however the only difference this year is that we are not on the track at YOSC due to track refurbishment. So where are we training.

Monday nights 6:30 – 7:30 pm we are at Bath Uni Sports village on the indoor Track, but let me know if you are coming as i need to book you into the system.

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Nights 6.00 – 7.00 pm, Brimsham Green School, we have indoor facility booked and use of Outdoors as well. The weather has been great so we have been able to continue our sessions on the grass fields but the indoor facility has been use full when it has been a little to hot or we are ready for any rainy weather.

Tuesday & Thursday Nights 7.15 – 8.15 pm Brimsham Green School, we continue our Strength and Conditioning session for both athletes and parents, this has shown great potential this year and its great fun.

Saturday mornings 10 – 11 am We are at the SGS college track in Filton, this is a great track and we have full use of all facilities.

Parking for Brimsham Green School is via the first gravel car park on the left after passing the school on the way into YOSC. If you park and walk down the side of the tennis courts by the school the Sports hall is the big building you come to at the end of the courts.

Follow us on facebook to keep upto date with any changes.@lodgesports



Training in the Sun

Training in the sun

As this weather continues we are really enjoying the Sports hall for the shade and the School field For the grass. As more people realise that since the track closure Lodge Sports has purely moved its operation into Brimsham Green School, We are using the Sports hall for warm up and shade if needed for the younger ones and the school fields for the training. This is our weekly schedule.

Mondays 6:30 – 7:30 pm a growing number of athletes on the indoor track at Bath Uni, such a great place to train with Sprints and Hurdles taking place for all ages. As its such a great place our athletes are training alongside Olympic & Paralympic champions and being introduced of coarse.

Tuesdays 6 – 7 pm Brimsham Green school (The one By YOSC) and then a fabulous Strength and Conditioning session 7:15 – 8:15 pm, for both parents and athletes in the sports hall, the results we are having from this is fabulous, with many athletes getting stronger, weekly.

Wednesday 6 – 7 pm Brimsham Green school (The one By YOSC) Sportshall and Grass all ages enjoying multi events.

Thursday 6 – 7 pm Brimsham Green school (The one By YOSC) Sportshall and Grass all ages enjoying multi events.

Saturday 10-11 am SGS College Filton, Easy to get to, On the track just like the one at YOSC but this one is usable, Again a growing number of athletes attending this great session.

So you are very welcome to drop into any of the sessions, ran by qualified coaches, having lots of fun developing athletes skills and techniques.

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Lodge Sports Petition


Lodge Sports Petition
As some of you are aware, through political madness, (as i call it), YOSC management have decided to not continue any of my bookings on the YOSC track from Oct when the track re opens. They have decided to book all of our sessions to somebody else without discussion or offering suitable alternatives for us. Rest assured we are not taking this lightly and are seeking answers. We currently have over 800 young athletes registered with, many are already disappointed in the YOSC Management decision. However we are, and have currently put other training venues in place (see our web site
We currently have a petition running at the track for all disgruntled parents and athletes. We understand that not all parents are regular users and with the track closure on the 9th July you may not have a chance to sign the petition. Therefore we have put a copy on line for you to see. if you would like your name added to the petition please feel free to respond to this message with your name and postcode and i will add this to the petition.

First Move 30/06/2018

Hi ALL its our first move for the NEW summer training plan, as many of you are aware we are putting in different training plans whilst the track is shut from the 9th July.

The first move is THIS Saturday 30/06/2018 we have moved on a Saturday to the SGS college track in Filton, I know its not ideal location for all but its important to keep track time during competition season.Everyone is welcome 10-11 am. Meet us on the track.

For full summer training details see below.